How to keep your singing voice healthy

If you want to be a professional singer or just love to sing, you have to keep your voice healthy because you’ll
have to use it a lot. I got a few tips for you on how to keep your singing voice healthy.


How do you know your voice isn’t healthy?
(disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or specialist. If you really think you have a problem with your voice, inform your
vocal coach or doctor.)

-Have you lost the ability to hit high notes you used to do easily?
-Does it take a lot more effort to talk?
-Do you find yourself clearing your throat more often?
-Does your voice sound raspier and hoars than before?

If you have one or more of these symptoms your voice may not be completely healthy.


Tips to keep your voice healthy

1. Stay hydrated

If you want to keep your voice healthy, staying hydrated is very important. It is important to drink a lot of water and avoid the overuse of alcohol and caffeine. Of course, you can have some alcohol and caffeine at the time but try not to take in too much.

2. Warm-up your vocal cords before you start singing

Some singers don’t warm up their voices before they perform or practice. This is a big mistake. You can compare this
with athletes. If they don’t warm up their muscles before exercise, they may be at risk of injury.
This also applies to singing.

3. Don’t overuse your voice

Since singing is your passion, it makes sense that you would want to do it all day long. However, there are times it’s better to take some time off. When you’re sick, have a cold or your voice sounds hoarse, you should take some time off and rest. If you do keep singing it’ll only get worse and can seriously damage your vocal cords. Try not
to talk too loudly all the time or scream a lot. Screaming loudly and a lot can cause inflammation in the muscles of your vocal cords. This will cause you to get a soar throat and a raspy or hoarse sounding voice. These symptoms will go away in a few days at first, but if you keep misusing your voice it can cause more damage over time and eventually develop swellings or nodules on your vocal cords.

4. Sing the right way

As a singer it’s important to kind of know where your sound is coming from, how to breathe during singing and you understand how your vocal cords work. For example, it’s not really healthy to sing from your throat. and you can also damage your voice if you belt the wrong way. The best thing you can do to learn this is to start working with a vocal coach who can help you sing the right way without damaging your voice.


So here you got a few tips on how to keep your singing voice healthy. If you want a singing career, keeping your voice healthy should be your number one priority.

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