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How the law of attraction can change your life completely

So this isn’t really a topic directly connected to music, but I recently found out about the law of attraction and thought it was very interesting. Because with the law of attraction you can change your life completely! This is how…


What is the law of attraction?

No, the law of attraction isn’t something that makes you prettier or more attractive. The law of attraction is basically attracting whatever you desire in your life. Now, this may seem impossible and maybe it’s hard to believe something like this can work. It is researched by scientists and said to be working. Some people believe in the law of attraction for scientific reasons others believe in it for religious reasons.

You are always contributing to the law of attraction, even if you don’t know you are.

The law of attraction is defined by the power of the universe that draws similar energies together.
Here is how it works: I’ll keep it short so I don’t bore you to death but stay with me because this can be a bit confusing. So we all exist out of particles, everything exists out of particles. All those particles vibrate at a certain frequency. Now you may be thinking what is the connection with the law of attraction? Well, our thoughts create our emotions which create vibrations. When you give off good vibrations you will get good vibrations back. Your thoughts and actions are creating your future. Everything you desire you can get by using the law of attraction.

So how do you use the law of attraction?

Focus on positive things in your life. If you focus on the negative things you’ll probably receive more of that because the universe will connect your negative energy to negative circumstances.

Keep in mind that the law of attraction doesn’t work overnight so be patient.

Start by focussing on what you really want, Be extra aware of possible opportunities that may come your way. By focussing on your goals and knowing what you want and how to get it, you’ll get more opportunities. There will be challenges and obstacles but if you focus on the good things that could happen you’ll be able to move past it faster. You’ll become more confident and that’ll raise your energetic vibrations. Which can help you in the journey of your dreams.

So there are mainly a few things that you should do when using the law of attraction. The first one is asking the universe precisely for what you desire. Imagine yourself already living your dream life. Imagine every little detail. How your day would look like, what you would feel, where does it take place, etc.
Try to feel like you already have it all. Feeling this will help you release any doubt or negative energy. And know/feel that you deserve this thing that you desire because if you doubt yourself why would the universe. If you have any doubt tell yourself: I am (for example) good enough to get this gig I’ve always wanted. And remember, be positive. On my Pinterest I’ve got a board that could help you with this (Law of attraction Pinterest board).


Act on it!

Now, only thinking this ofcourse won’t get you anywhere. The law of attraction is here to help you get opportunities but you are the one to act on it. If you’re just gonna sit down and think “I want to become a famous singer” you’re not going to get anywhere. Go out there and use the opportunities the law of attraction gives you. Only this way it will work and give you the life that you want.
So this is how the law of attraction can change your life. You can choose not to believe in it, but even if you don’t it does bring more positivity in your life. If you start to believe in it but you’re still not really sure, google: Law of attraction success stories. Some celebrities have claimed they’ve used the law of attraction, and some of your favourite youtubers or musicians may have too. Just try it, maybe one day you’ll tell your success story to the world.

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