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Get your team, who can help you build your music career?

So you really want to be professional and get out there in the industry. Well, I can tell you, it’s hard to do on your own, that’s just reality. But luckily for you, there are a lot of people specialized in helping musicians get out there and build their careers. I’ve got a list for you with people who can help you get out there.


A manager

This is very important for a musician. A manager helps you form and reach goals in your career. They basically help you navigate your career in the direction you want it to go. They also help you build the rest of your team and help you find the people who can help you with your vision.
Some people start out with hiring a friend as a manager, but you could also hire a manager who has been educated in helping musicians. This way you can help each other out. A manager can basically help you out with the business side of the industry while you focus on the creative part.


An accountant

Once you start making money off of selling your music and doing gigs, etc. You’ll need an accountant to help you with the financial part of your career. You can do it yourself, but it can be very complicated and it’s always nice to have someone help you who knows what they’re doing.
Once you have a team, you’ll have to pay them for working for you. An accountant can help you figure out who and how much you have to pay and what you’re earning. And help you keep your finances in check.


A booking agent

When you’re a musician you eventually will have to perform live. Think about small gigs like cafes or bigger like at concert venues. You can start booking them yourself when you’re still a beginning musician. But when you become more popular, having a booking agent will be good to have.
A booking agent basically schedules and promotes gigs and live appearances for you. With a booking agent on your team, you can really build your career.


A producer

You’ll also need a producer. You can hire a producer, but some musicians produce (some of) their songs themselves.
A record producer has a vision of what the goals are for the song or album. They help to make the song happen.
They will help you make the song and give suggestions of what you could do differently to make it even better.


A small social media team

Social media is one of the most important ways to grow your fanbase and connect with your fans. You’ve got google, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. A (small) social media team will help you keep your internet presence up to date. They will help you promote your upcoming gigs, tours, songs, albums, new merch, etc. And they can help you keep your website going.
Of course, you could do this yourself when you’re a beginning artist but the more popular you get the more time consuming your keeping your social media up to date will get. It’s always nice to have people help you.


So here you got a few examples of who could help you get out there in the music industry. As I said, you could try to do it by yourself, and in the beginning, I’m sure you can do it but when you gain more audience and become more popular it’ll get harder to do everything by yourself. Just know that there are always people around you who are ready to help you get out there in the industry and support you;)

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