8 essentials for an awesome home studio
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8 essentials for an awesome home studio

So maybe you want to start making your own songs, or you want to make some covers. You can go to a studio but you’ll have to pay money every time, or you could just start your own small one. But what do you need for a great home studio? I’ve got 8 essentials for an awesome home studio.

You can have a home studio for only a small amount of money. But you do need to think about the quality. Because if you have to buy something cheap over and over again it’ll cost you more money then if you get something good right away. In this article, I’ll tell you 8 things you’ll need and have some stuff linked for you. At the end I’ll have some product bundles linked, it can be more affordable if you get it like that.

A computer or laptop
If you want to record your original songs and/ or covers you need to have a good laptop where you can edit and record the songs on. You don’t really need a special expensive computer, but it would be convenient if the laptop isn’t really slow. So since you’ll be needing other stuff I would recommend using your own laptop if you have one. But if you want to upgrade a good one I would recommend (link): a MacBook Pro


A digital audio workstation
Now that you’ve got a laptop you’ll need something you can edit your song in. This is what you call a digital audio workstation. Everything you record gets put in the program and then you can edit it. If you record your song on an apple device a free and popular workstation is Garageband. This is completely free and easy to use. It isn’t really available for another device but I’ve got some free options for those too. For example: Audacity or Mixpad. These were 2 that I used for some projects of mine. If you want to put money in it a few good examples are: Magix Acid Pro or Image-Line FL Studio
With both programs you’ll get a free trial to see if the program works for you.


A microphone

Now you’ve got a device where you can put the recordings in and a program you can edit it in. Now you need a microphone to record your vocals. If you don’t really have any money to spend you could use the build in microphone in your laptop, but for better sound quality I recommend you buy a microphone. Microphones can be really expensive depending on the quality. If you want to get a budget quality one I recommend the: Samson C01U Pro condencer microphone . But if you’re willing to spend a little more money you could buy the: Shure SM7B dynamic microphone


An audio interface

When you record your vocals into a microphone, you’ll have to get the sound into your computer. You can do this with an audio interface. An audio interface sends your vocals or instrumentals directly into your computer. The price of an audio interface really depends on how many in and outputs you want. If you have one, it’ll be cheaper then when you buy one with more. The quality will also again be better when you buy a more expensive one. If you want a low budget audio interface I recommend: BEHRINGER Audio Interface But if you’re willing to spend a little bit more you could get the: Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface


Studio headphones
If you’re using an audio interface, you’ll need some headphones to listen to what you’re recording. Now, you can use normal small ones that you use to listen to music. But headphones should have a better sound quality. For low budget headphones I recommend: Audio technical Studio Monitor Headphones A good more expensive one is: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones


A microphone stand
Once you’ve got a microphone you need something to hold it up so you can sing in it. Ofcourse you could also hold the mic but getting a mic stand is more practical. There are 2 popular types of mic stands. One you can clip on for example your desk or table ( Desk clamp mic stand ) or one that just stands on the floor( Microphone stand )


A pop filter
When you record without a pop filter you may be able to hear the T, P and S quite harsh. You can use a pop filter to prefent this. Not everyone needs a pop filter seen as some mics kind of remove this automatically. Still a pop filter isn’t that expensive and good to have. I would recommend the pop filter: Pop filter


A isolation shield

Sometimes when you record you can hear a lot of buzz-like sounds in the background of the track. With an isolation shield you can prefent this. Just like the pop filter, some mics already filter this out, or you can remove it with an editing program but the quality of your track will be better when you use an isolation shield. Instead of using this shield you could also make of get a soundproof booth. A good isolation shield you can use is: Isolation Shield



Bundle 1 (Isolation shield, mic stand, pop filter and a mic)

Bundle 2 (Head phones, audio interface, pop filter, microphone and mic stand)

So here you got 8 essentials for an awesome home studio. Just start small with low budget stuff and then work your way up to the higher budget stuff.

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