5 easy vocal warm-ups you can do before singing

Warming up your vocals before singing is really important. You can compare it to athletes before they sport they have to warm up their muscles. If they don’t do that they can risk injuries. This also applies to singers. Without vocal warm-ups you can damage your voice and as a singer your number 1 priority should be to keep your voice healthy. I got 5 easy vocal warm-ups for you that you can do before singing. But before that:

What do vocal warmups actually do?

Of course it warms up your voice, but it also helps you grow and unlock skills you already have and it helps you learn how to sing without damaging your voice. If you can’t belt that killer high note right away what some people do is forcing it. This can lead to a vocal strain. Which can destroy the quality of your tone, can be painful and it can restrict your vocal range. As I said earlier you can compare it to athletes. vocal warmups are a controlled, steady way of singing that doesn’t stress your voice.
Choose some fun warm-ups and make sure you do them correctly. The smartest thing to do is to talk with your vocal coach and find out which warm-ups are the best for your voice. Relax, breathe, and practice these warm-ups. Try to do them every day and build a little routine. I got a few examples for you.


5 easy vocal warm-ups

1. Tongue trill exercise

In this exercise you ‘sing’ the letter R up and down your range. Now, you got to know that
not everyone is able to do this exercise.
2. Humming

Humming is a good exercise because it doesn’t put a lot of strain on your vocal cords.
Hum up and down the major scale.
3. Siren exercise

This is an exercise you can do best when you already did one or two other exercises.
With the siren exercise, you basically want to make an “oooo” sound. Which goes from
the lowest to the highest note in your range without a strain.
4. Vocal straw exercise

This exercise is also called the straw phonation. If you want to do this warm-up
you have to take a straw and hum through it. Again with this exercise you want
to go from your lowest note to the highest note in your range without a strange.
You can also put the straw in a glass of water or other drink and then blow bubbles.
5. Yawn sigh exercise

This is a really simple and quick exercise. The only thing you have to do is breathe
in like you have to yawn. But do this with your mouth closed. Then exhale as if you
have to sigh. This exercise is good to warm up your voice but is also good to to
improve your vocal range.


So here you got 5 easy vocal warm-ups. I hope this helped you a little bit. Remember to keep doing exercises every day to help you improve your voice and prevent any damage.

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