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7 ways to promote your music and grow your fanbase.

Trying to make it in the music industry is very hard seen as there is a lot of competition. But if you’re willing to work hard enough there’s a good chance you can make it. I got 7 tips for you on how to promote your music and grow your fanbase.


1. Have a simple website

A website is really important for musicians. You can use it to promote your music or gigs, you can sell merch or your music, update your fans, share tour dates, etc. Another reason why having a website is important is that Industry professionals expect to find you there. Having a website and updating it consistently shows that you are committed to work hard and really want this. Which is essential in the industry.

If you want to start your own website, WordPress is a great platform to set up your website. But when you have your website you’ll also need a domain name and a hosting platform. For this I recommend Bluehost.
(link for signing up with bluehost)

2.Generate Hype

As a musician, it’s important to have a fanbase who supports you and is excited for you. But for that, you have to give your fans a reason to get hyped and excited. When you’re working on music, share a picture or little video of you in the studio working on your new single and/or album. and when you’re ready to release it, first release some snippets and a preview of your new song and/or music video to let your fans know that new music is coming. That also gives them time to spread the word and that way you can get more people to listen to your music.

3.Reach out to music bloggers

This is another form of promotion. Reach out to some music bloggers and ask if they want to promote your music. They could do an album or single review, do an interview with you, etc. They can help you get noticed by important people in the music industry which is important.

4. Use pinterest

Pinterest is a really important way to get people to notice you. Blogs, stores, musicians, a lot of people use Pinterest to get noticed. In fact now more than ever. At this point, Pinterest has over 291 million active users. So you could use Pinterest to get people to notice your music. In order to do this you’ll have to upgrade your Pinterest to a business account this is completely free and easy to do. If you do this you can see statistics and link your website to your Pinterest account.

5. Create an email list

Through Email, you can let your fans know about deals for merch, upcoming shows, album releases, etc. You can do this by creating an email list. By doing this you can grow and engage your fandom. Examples of programs you can do this with are Mailchimp, Aweber, and mailigen.

6. Post consistently

If you’re starting to grow a fandom you should post consistently. Your fandom should be able to count on you, especially in the beginning. If you post consistently you build a trusted relationship with your fans. For example, it’s better to post every week ones or twice than sometimes two times in one week and then post nothing for the rest of the month.

7. Interact with your fans

One of the most important things to do is to keep in touch with your fans. By doing this you get a closer relationship with them. You can upload a question sticker on your Instagram story, do polls on your Instagram story, talk to your fans on twitter, do an Instagram live, etc.


So here you got 7 tips to help you promote your music and grow your fanbase. These 7 tips are important but the most important thing is to work hard and don’t give up, even when you feel nothing is happening. Keep going and one day you’ll see some difference.

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