10 amazing careers in the music industry
Music careers

10 amazing careers in the music industry part: 2

Since I really enjoyed writing part 1 of this subject and find this very interesting, I thought why not make a part two. There are a lot of interesting jobs in the music industry that you may not know about. So here are another 10 amazing careers in the music industry.


1. Music teacher

What is more fun to sharing your passion for music with other people? Being a teacher could be a way of doing that. you could be a teacher in school if you like talking about music in general, or you could be a vocal coach, guitar teacher, piano teacher etc. The average a music teacher can earn is $33,31. The salaries usually start from $17.31 per hour and can go up to $64.09 per hour. It really depends on where you decide to work.

2. Music therapist

Have you ever felt really down, then you started to listen to music and then felt better after a while? That’s because music has a positive effect on people and can help them feel better. If you like Helping people with personal problems they have and you like making music this job would be great for you. The salary of a music teacher can depend on where you live but on average a music teacher can make about $27,860 to $58,607 annually and the average is about $40,579

3. Event manager

If you like organising events this is the perfect job for you. As an event manager in charge of planning, organizing, and executing all types and sizes of events. This job is perfect for you if you can handle stress, take charge, certain situations and like to organise things, etc. You can make concerts, festivals and more happen. The average salary for an Event Manager is $51,920.

4. Record Label Entrepreneur

If you aren’t really good at making music but you still really want to do something in the music industry this is a possibility for you. A record label, is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. It is a big project though so you should be prepared to work really hard and have a lot of responsibility. It could also be kind of tricky seen as there will be a lot of money going into the bussiness and then you have to figure out how to make profit out of it.

5. Composer

A composer makes music for Tv shows, films and video games. You can start small at home behind your computer, and then slowly build up to maybe a studio and hire musicians. You’ll have to work hard because there’s a lot of competition in this bussiness. And an education for it is recommended. A composer can earn $0 to $2,000,000+ per film

6. music supervisor

As music supervisor you will be hired to give your input on musical choices for for example films, games or tv series. You can work with the producers and director figure out what sound you want for a scene and then work with the composer to make it happen. The average salary is $2,000 to $500,000 per project.

7. Music blogger

If you love writing stories and music you could become a music blogger. You can run a music blog while you’re home, or eventually get some sort of office. You could run your blog alone, but you could also eventually hire people to help you write stories for your blog. The job includes a lot of networking and you’ll have to deal with rejection sometimes. The general salary range of a music blogger is between the $23,000 to $66,000.

8. Music critic

As a music critic you interview Musicians and review live performances and/or recorded albums for print or online media outlets. Some people write for the media and/ magazines, but more and more music critics start to write freelance. This job also includes a lot of networking seen as you’ll have to write to other blogs, magazines, and maybe managers of artists. The general salary range of a music critic is $15,000 – $30,000+.

9. Music photographer

If you have a passion for both photographing and music, this is the perfect job for you. Music photographers go to concerts to take photos of the artists, They do band promo photos, musician portraits, etc. They majority of music photographers are freelancers who are hired by the venue, band, or media outlet who will then use the photos. The general salary range of a music photographer is between the $0-$2,000 per event.

10. tour publicist

As a tour publicist you are responsible for a few things. For exemple: you secure regional interviews, show previews and you could hire music critics to review the concerts for every stop on an artist’s tour. If you want to be a tour publicist you’ll have to make sure the press knows about the show and invite them out to the show to review it. As a tour publicist can earn $30,000 to $100,000+

So here you got another 10 careers in the music industry. And the best thing is there’s a lot more. Before I started writing these posts I didn’t know there were this much. But you can do a lot of amazing things in this industry.

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